Our Products
Black & White Tanks
Skywell Aqua Solution’s Black and White Water Tanks, certified by ISO 9001:2005, consists of overhead tanks made out of the highest quality raw materials and latest technology. Manufactured to smooth perfection, the tank is sturdy in structure and consists of multi-layers of standard polymer that prevents moss formation and foaming. The interiors of this tank are white and made from a non-reactive material that keeps the water safe for consumption as well as easy to measure. These tanks are Plumber-friendly and convenient for installation and shifting. The Air Breather provision ensures that the entry of fresh air can keep the water clean and safe. These tanks are fitted with threaded air-tight lids that filter out any dust and light particles that could float on the surface and contaminate it. These classic tanks are available in the range of 500 L, 750 L and 1000 L.
Special Products
The latest product line is a specially designed, ISO 9001:2005 certified, range of tanks in the standard size available in marble-finished outer layer. This gives an elegant and smoother look for the tank and structurally also adds to their sturdiness. The three-layer tanks are insulated to keep the water at their original temperature while the exterior layer is UV stabilized and keeps away the sunlight, the interior layer is made from 100% Food Grade Virgin material that keeps the water safe and uncontaminated for consumption. The durability of the tanks are exclusively high and are warrantied for 10 years. These products range in 500 L, 750 L and 1000 L sizes and do not fade out of their colour.