About Skywell Water Tank

Skywell Aqua Solutions is a promising manufacturer and supplier of an exclusive range of water tank used for residential, industrial and commercial purposes. Produced with earnest care and usage of high grade technology, these tanks are multi-featured and manifold in utility. Being on the side of the solution, Skywell Aqua Solutions has managed to prevent foaming and moss-formation in the stored water by using non-reactive layers of polymer in its tanks. Conforming to transparency in conduct, our white interior water tank provide better visibility inside the tank. Convenient to transport, install, maintain and use these tanks are assured to deliver the best in quality. Here at Skywell Aqua Solutions, we believe in long lasting relations by way of guaranteeing you a warranty of 10 years. Skywell Aqua Solutions is recognized as an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
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Why Us ?
Skywell is a premium overhead water storage product that gives you convenience as well as reliability. It’s multi polymer layer protects from foaming and moss formation. It’s white interior provides better visibility inside the tank. Skywell Aqua Solutions is ISO 9001:2015 certified and comes with a 10 year warranty.
The ease of which these water tank can be handled and maintained gives them the most user-friendly nature.
Water from our tanks are free from contamination, froth, sediments, dust and remains in normal temperature.
Made as sturdy and layered structures these tanks are very durable and can be left with no or low maintenance.
In considering safety of the people and raising concern for their health, our products are most trustworthy.
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Special Water Tank Products
Skywell Aqua Solution’s New Three-Layered Marble-Finish water tank is the most stylish ones yet! The added layers contribute to its structure making it sturdier. These tanks come in smooth colours of Green Marble, Pink Marble, Sand Stone, Granite, Indigo Marble, Blue Marble and Grey Marble suitable for any environment either in residential areas or industrial areas. These colours do not fade and give you the smooth finish for years together. If you’re either loving our classic collection and want to try the latest additions or you’re new and what to find out more, do read on!